About me

I write stories. I hope they resonate. I hope they make a frazzled mother snort Pepsi up her nose in laughter, or a ten-year-old girl burst with adventurous zeal, or a weary father who’s watching his child die of cancer feel kinship. I hope that for a while, or maybe forever, folks will live a little more deeply for having read my tales.

In the meantime, I achieve near-perfect harmony among my many and varied roles. (This is your cue to snort in ironic laughter. But I bet you got that.) Writer. Mother. Translator. Science geek. Adult resident of a home not fully automated for self-cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping. Internet addict. Chocoholic. Red wine devotee.

Actually, those last three harmonize swimmingly.

And often.

I hope you’ll laugh (mostly), ponder (occasionally), and sniff back tears (now and then) reading my blog. If you feel moved to comment on something I write, I’d love to hear from you. Write to me at gee bee em jay at pobox dot the commonplace.