Much madness is divinest sense, to a discerning eye; much sense, the starkest madness.

Grayson Bray Morris

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I was born and raised in a small town in North Carolina, in the American South, where I spent my winters buried in books and my summers drinking sweet iced tea and catching crabs in the river.

I wrote my first major opus the year my age hit double digits: 1977, the year Star Wars came out. I sent George Lucas a script for a second movie, first written by hand and then pecked out on the classroom typewriter. It was a pretty stirring script, let me tell you. Sadly, I never heard back. (Hollywood’s a tough nut to crack.)

I left home at 15 to attend the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. After high school, I briefly tried my hand at art, then earned my bachelor’s degree in math with a hefty helping of astronomy and computer graphics. After college, I programmed parallel digital signal processors way down in their geeky little innards. From 2002 through 2019 I worked as a freelance translator, with the occasional software project on the side. After that, I spent two years as a fulltime writer at an awesome Dutch tech company. Through it all I kept writing stories. Now I'm on sabbatical: growing vegetables in the garden, devouring good books and lectures, and just generally letting solitude's gentle acid dissolve the cruft from five outward-facing decades.

I met my husband in 1995, and in 2002, we moved to the Netherlands, his home country. I currently live in the Haarlemmermeer polder: surrounded by tulip fields, a stone’s throw from Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam, and some twenty feet under sea level.