I write short stories and occasional articles in my spare time. My work has appeared in Abyss & Apex, Daily Science Fiction, Galaxy’s Edge, and other venues. You can read it all here for free.

Free as in beer

I believe that everyone should have access to ideas, even if they can’t afford to pay for it. The ideas in my writing are no doubt modest, but they’re what I have to offer. I make them freely available as an expression of this belief.

Free as in speech

I believe that wonderful things happen when people build on ideas that are freely exchanged. A Creative Commons license encourages just that. All my work is available under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license. People are welcome to share and build on my work without asking or paying me, as long as they acknowledge its origin (the BY clause, credit must be given to the creator). The SA clause (adaptations must be shared under the same license) ensures that this freedom is always paid forward.

In an ideal world, no one would need to monetize what they create in order to survive. In our actual world, however, money controls access to a great many things it shouldn’t. I chose a license without the NC clause (non-commercial use only) to honor that reality. I make my work free-as-in-beer, but you are free to request payment for yours.

Pay it forward

If you enjoy my work, please thank me by doing something incredibly kind in the world.

Capitalism Is How Assholes Say Playground and Democracy Is Clueless Straight Dudes Choosing Your Footwear

There will always be assholes: people who think they’re inherently more entitled than others, people who view the world as their personal playgrounds, people who maximize their own pleasure with no thought for collateral damage. I’m pretty sure that unbridled capitalism enables these people to do maximum harm.

Anatomy of a Fantasy Magazine Submission

Thanks to the awesomeness that is Neil Clarke’s story submission software for science fiction and fantasy publishers (which Fantasy Magazine also uses), the obsessive writer can plunge into rejectomancy of heretofore untold depths. I present to you the blow-by-blow of my most recent submission to John Joseph Adams at Fantasy.