selected stories

I write short stories—mostly science fiction and fantasy—in my spare time. My work has appeared in Abyss&Apex, Daily Science Fiction, Galaxy's Edge, and other venues. Click the links to read them online.

Illustration for “Time Travel Is a Voodoo Rite.” Photograph of an original painting by Zebi Damen, owned by Grayson Bray Morris. "Birth of a Memory" photograph licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.

“Brightcheeks and Brokenhand”
“Death Comes for Maggie McDaniel”
“Girl, Woman, Gull, Sea”
“In Which Archibald Wiggers Deeply Regrets His Second Trip to Manfred Mussholm's Curio Shop in the Woods ”
“In Which Liz Builds a Robot with Unexpected Results”
“The Message Between the Words”
“More Real Than Flesh”
“A Puddle of Dead”
“Putting Down Roots”
“Time Travel Is a Voodoo Rite”
“To Save Fragile Things from the Pounding of Heavy Ages”
“A Whole Leaf, Dark and Red”



“The Gifted Sommelier” (Abyss & Apex)