selected translations

How Free Press Unlimited silenced its own journalists by Maite Vermeulen (translated from the Dutch original here)

A tree walks into a courtroom by Lynn Berger (Dutch original here)

This is what goes wrong inside your head every day by Thalia Verkade (Dutch original here)

See an extended list of my fiction and journalism translations here.

what clients say

"For the translation of my second book into American English, I searched high and low for a translator who would not only deliver a perfect translation, but could also reproduce the atmosphere, the flavor, and the imagery. After approaching four different people, I was almost ready to give up. Until I read the first pages that Grayson had rendered into perfect language; I knew immediately that she was the one. Even my agent in New York could barely believe she was reading a translation." —Arjen Terpstra, novelist

"Grayson is extremely good at penetrating an original text to the core, then expressing its essence in translation—sometimes even better than in the original." —Philip Elsas, auditing software company owner

"Grayson's strength as a translator lies in her ability to get into the writer's mind. She's a perfectionist with a passion for the written word. A pleasure to work with!" —Zebi Damen, writer and filmmaker

"Outstanding translation; the CEO of this major company personally thanked us for the excellent work." —Ed Vreeburg, translation agency owner

request a translation

Thanks for your interest! Before we jump in, let's make sure we're on the same page.

I translate from Dutch into American English. If you're specifically targeting a UK audience, please seek out a native Brit.

I translate fiction and journalism only. Fiction means prose, from short stories to novel series. Journalism means serious reporting: investigative analyses, exposés, essays, and books that explore meaningful topics. (Think The Ethics of What We Eat, not The Bulletproof Diet.) In particular, I no longer translate or copywrite corporate material.

I have two rates:

indie authors and journalists – € 0.10 per word
publishers and media outlets – € 0.15 per word

If all this fits what you're looking for, please tell me about your project at

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Je mag ook gerust in het Nederlands schrijven, hoor. I look forward to hearing from you!

Translation is a journey over a sea from one shore to the other. Sometimes I think of myself as a smuggler: I cross the frontier of language with my booty of words, ideas, images, and metaphors.

—Amara Lakhous